The noaidi

noaidi (north sámi)
noajdde (lule sámi)
nĺejttie (south sámi)
nōjjd (skolt sámi)
niojte (ter sámi)
noojd/nuojd (kildin sámi)

The noaidi acted as an intermediary between the people in his group (siida) and higher powers. Some of the noaidis went into a trance to communicate with the gods and spirits.

This could be achieved by chanting a joik and beating a drum, or by using other aids. Some drank fish entrails, lye or aquavit to come into a trance.

Once in a state of trance the noaidi could send his free soul off to travel to other places or to other worlds. If a person in the siida became seriously ill, the noaidi had to bring the soul back from the realm of the dead, or find out what had to be offered to make the person well again.

It was often the noaidi who performed the biggest offerings. He or she could also obtain news of those who were far off, foretell the future and find things which had been lost. The noaidi was also responsible for making sure that everyone in the siida behaved like good Sámi. Some noaidis were able to harm people and a few were so strong that they could use their powers to kill.

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Om noaider
Noaiden i samisk tradisjon

Noaidi-Noaide-Noaidie. K. Leem 1767.