Fables and folk tales about Stállu and giants

Stállu was a scary creature that we don’t know that much about today.

Stállu could be a man-eating monster and people could turn into stállus. You could also send Stállu to someone you were mad at, as a revenge.

Stállu could move around people invisibly and he collected silver items. To get to the silver you would have to kill Stállu and his dog.

Other times Stállu is described as bit stupid and easy to trick.

Stállu was often seen with his dog and if you heard whistling in the woods it could be Stállu blowing his whistle.

In some tales they talk about “jetter”, giants, instead of Stállus.

Ceavccageađge/Transteinen i Mortensnes. Govva/Foto: Mihkku Solbakk